Japanese made Kitchen knives are sought after by World famous chefs



Kitchen knives made in Tsubame, Niigata have currently
been sought after by prominent chefs the world-wide

We are professionals on Tableware and Kitchenware. We are making the most of our long & strong relationship with the world leading companies in import & export businesses.

Since the end of the World War II through 1970s, Japan was a key producer for the world flatware markets. As time went, we saw a lot of changes in the demand for the products and the manufacturers shifted their targets from exports to the domestic market in Japan. However, the Japanese manufacturers with superior skill and quality have always been spotlighted by high end overseas buyers.

We have built a few important markets in different parts of the world through our long experience in exporting Japanese products. One of well known items is kitchen knives produced in Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture, one of the world best known hardware production sources. We are regular exhibitors at the world known exhibitions and we have gradually increased the export business with an excellent quality and eye‐catching designs in constant exposure through these exhibitions. We are extremely pleased with ever increasing number of the professional chefs who bought our knives at famed Department stores in Sweden, UK, Italy, Russia, USA and Greece and they were almost always quite satisfied.

In the field of tableware including spoons, forks and, knives, our know‐how accumulated through long experience in importing quality products is being highly appreciated by our customers. Our ability and knowledge in providing with desired information, developing new merchandises, quality control and production control are very highly valued by our customers. We are also deeply involved in a triangle trading in Asia, namely directly connecting manufacturers and buyers in two different countries with Nosawa being a go‐between.

We are handling : Tableware (Flatware and knives), Kitchenware We are a sole selling agent of TAMAHAGANE